June 12th, 2009 – Paul Stanford in Willamette Week: Anderson Cooper Wants to Hit our Joint

This is a story about how Anderson Cooper from CNN is planning to visit othe award winning THCF medical cannabis garden and interview Paul Standford for his marijuana series ‘America’s High Day’.  The interview itself went very well and they also interviewed a few other high profile cannabis people.  During the interview they talked with their medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who used to be a very outspoken advocate against medical marijuana, but Paul managed to convince him to do a complete 180 on the issue.  You could say that Paul turned Gupta from the dark side into one of the highest profile medical marijuana supporters in the country.  It goes to show you that anyone on any level can be reached with the right message.

Check out the story and if you want to see the full interview look for our blog post from June 18th, 2009;